About Carnelian Boutique

It may take some time, but all women eventually find their place in the crazy world of fashion.  At Carnelian Boutique, we will bring you funky and sophisticated looks that you can rock with confidence – polished looks with edge. Our selection of affordable clothing and accessories will keep you looking stylish at the best prices.

We are based in Washington, D.C. For a list of local events we participate in, please visit our Events page.

Have suggestions for items you want to see on our site or general inquiries?  Contact us at shop@carnelianboutique.com to share your questions and comments.

What is carnelian? [kahr-neel-yuhn]

Our answer:  Carnelian is an earthy, red/brown/orange semi-precious gemstone that we are obsessed with!  It is said to increase energy, confidence, and personal power, and represents balance and harmony.  Power, energy, harmony – These are all concepts that we need in everyday life, and even in our wardrobes.  That is where Carnelian Boutique comes in, helping to give you a balance of fun and sophistication with very wearable pieces.

Thanks for stopping by CarnelianBoutique.com! See you soon.